EMQs for Dentistry, 2nd editionSAQs for Dentistry, 2nd edition

EMQs for Dentistry: this book off ers essential subject-based practice for dental undergraduates, enabling you to highlight your strengths, target problem areas and prepare for exam success. 300 extended matching questions allow you to test yourselves, with answers and explanations throughout providing in-depth clarifi cation. SAQs for Dentistry: essential exam revision and refresher questions for dental undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas dentists alike. Featuring 300 short answer questions and organised in subject-based chapters, the book allows focused exam revision, building confi dence and ensuring success. Answers include detailed explanations throughout, helping to consolidate learning.

EMQS - 480 pages, 138 x 26 x 216mm. SAQs - 384 pages, 189 x 24 x 213mm .
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Author D Hammond K F M Fan
Author J Jones
Publisher Pastest
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Best Of Fives: This revision text provides valuable practice to build confidence for exam success. It features of 250 ‘best of five’ questions, covering a broad range of subjects, many of which are ‘examiners’ favourites’. The subject-based chapters allow for focused revision, while the answers are accompanied by revision notes to expand learning.MCQs for Dentistry: This new edition offers essential exam practise for busy dental undergraduates and postgraduates alike. Updated throughout, reflecting current guidelines, the subject-based chapters provide focused revision. Includes 350 questions and answers, and features detailed explanations for every answer, expanding and consolidating your knowledge. Also includes practical tips on MCQ technique.

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Cawson's Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, 9e

The new edition of this classic book continues to support a new generation of dental students in their understanding of the essential aspects of oral pathology, oral medicine and systemic disease, as they relate to the day-to-day practice of dentistry. Fully updated throughout with the latest diagnostic tests, treatment protocols and international guidelines, the book will be essential for all undergraduates studying dentistry as well as postgraduate examinations.

Dental Morphology

Each tooth is clearly described, emphasising the major diagnostic features. The drawings are the most outstanding features of this book. A line drawing faces each description, making text and illustration a two page unit. They are presented as a ‘third angle projection’ giving an accurate picture of all five aspects of the tooth.

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