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A Clinical Guide to Special Care Dentistry

Written to provide a wide appreciation of the many conditions and circumstances common in treating patients who require special care, this clinical guide provides a practical guide for both the newcomer and accomplished clinician.

124 pages, paperback, A4

A Colour Atlas of Orofacial Health and Disease in Children and Adolescents, 2nd Edition

This improved, updated and expanded second edition profiles the common orofacial disorders and a wide range of less common and some rare disorders. The focus is on the occurrence of these disorders in children and adolescents, and the author tailors the commentary to specific paediatric age groups.

240 pages, hardback, 274 x 238mm

A Guide to General Dental Practice

This book is provides a handy ready reference for every dental practice. Full of practical advice and helpful tips, it offers independent and impartial guidance, especially for new dentists and other staff . It assists competence and provides a thorough understanding of all areas needed for good patient care and professional responsibility.

176 pages, paperback, 240 x 168mm

Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry

This book describes the principles of Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry and demonstrates their practical, everyday application through a range of representative cases building from the simple to the complex and from the common to the rare.

488 pages, paperback, 279 x 222mm

Common Medical Conditions

An invaluable reference work outlining the clinical features, diagnosis, management and dental relevance of 50 of the most commonly encountered chronic medical problems in the developed world. Includes full colour photographs throughout, as well as case studies with accompanying questions and answers to illustrate each condition.

168 pages, hardback, 248 x 190mm

Contemporary Orthodontics, 5th Edition

This valuable resource with a long tradition of excellence has been extensively revised to maintain the original goal of the book: to provide an up-to-date overview of orthodontics that is accessible for students, useful for residents and a valuable reference for practitioners. New aspects of this edition include a stronger focus on the application of 3D imaging, much new material on the use of skeletal anchorage and an expanded discussion of changes in orthodontic appliances and evaluation of the advertising claims made for them.

768 pages, hardback, 229 x 286 mm