The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education- 8th Edition

Provides a sound evidence base for provision of information and advice on the main aspects of oral health. Uses a simple scheme to indicate the strength of supporting scientific evidence in each instance Based on a consensus of scientific opinion from a group of leading dental experts.
ISBN: 9783319982069


The first edition of this classic text appeared in 1976 with the aim of refining and standardising the advice given to the public and to ensure that such advice was scientifically sound and evidence-based.

It was written not only for members of the dental professions and those involved in general healthcare including medical practitioners, school nurses, health visitors, midwives, dieticians, pharmacists and public health practitioners, but also those who influence health in the wider community, such as teachers, child carers and peer educators.

The text is consistent with current evidence and guidance from the WHO and includes comparative guidance from other countries and systematic reviews of research evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration database.

It provides information and advice on the main aspects of oral health, including the cause and prevention of dental caries, periodontal disease, dental erosion, oral cancer and dental problems in children under five, and older people. Throughout the book, key points are given at the beginning of each chapter, with an indication of the strength of supporting scientific evidence using a simple scheme.

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Author Ronnie Levine and Catherine Stillman-Lowe
Publisher Springer Nature
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